Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Spring...a perfect time to go garage saling!!!

Hello All!

My name is Niki and I am a "junk gypsy" heart and soul! What is a "junk gypsy" you ask? Someone who has a love for taking old and used items and giving them a brand new purpose!!

I have a very sentimental side that loves to imagine my new found treasure's previous home.

I do make it my business as well as my passion. Robin and Marlo are my two very good and long time girlfriends and now business partners. We resale treasures as is or give them a new purpose. Our style would best be described as "shabby chic" sooooo we are the Three Shabby Chicks!

Flea markets, antique malls, estate sales and of course garage sales are where we find diamonds in the rough!! Spring is the best time to garage sale. Older neighborhoods are my favorite by far! I just follow the signs and sometimes the newspaper. Try it sometime, it is very satisfying.

Friday mornings are the best!!

Check out our website and blog...threeshabbychicks.com and threeshabbychicks@blogspot.com